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Winter running

Running in winter is lovely here, a real pleasure in the crisp air and beautiful surroundings! We are in a great location for winter running, in the centre of the network of groomed trails on the valley floor.

Thin layers that can be easily adjusted are best. I recommend trail running shoes that are a bit more substantial, with a good grip. If conditions are icy you may need grips on your shoes: “Chaînes à Chaussures”, obtainable in most sports shops (EG Ravanel or Snell). Wool / merino socks are a must for me, and lightweight poles are helpful of you want to do any descents. The air can be dry in winter so take plenty to drink.

We have yoga mats and a foam roller at the chalet, and of course the hot tub and sauna to ease your muscles!

The flat groomed walking trails of the valley floor are ideal and normally you can start directly from the chalet onto the lane (which has almost zero traffic) and after 100m you are on the groomed trails, next to the cross-country ski tracks. I think it is nicest to start heading up the river towards Les Bois – you can return and loop back towards Chamonix if you like, to add a bit of extra distance.

The groomed river path on the valley floor, just behind the chalet

Many of the routes on the ‘Winter Walks‘ page are fine for running if there is not too much snow, but everything can change according to conditions, so all the advice on that page also applies. Usually La Floria, Les Bois and Le Chapeau are good areas if you want to go a little further than the valley floor. Remember if you are not used to descending in snow, that it can be extremely slippery.

If conditions are right, you can run to Le Chapeau

Safety note: Many (in fact I would say most) trail running routes that are safe and popular in summer are extremely dangerous in winter. Even if you are familiar with the valley, always contact the Office de Haute Montagne for current conditions if venturing beyond the valley floor. Though the day may be sunny, there may have been significant snowfall previously. In very extreme weather even the valley floor walks can be dangerous and can be closed. Always follow the signs and keep to the marked paths.

Also, you may enjoy ‘classic’ style cross country skiing, which is similar to running in movement and very easy to pick up. Snowshoeing is another nice option to get out a bit further. Happy trails!