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Booking with confidence

Verification information that we hope you’ll find useful:

Hi! We’re Martha Tullberg & Nick Meek. After many years visiting Chamonix, and a long, long search, we fell in love with this wonderful chalet, and bought it in 2006.

Relaxing after a lovely lunch at Les Vieilles Luges
Relaxing after a lovely lunch at Les Vieilles Luges

Can I call you for a chat?

You can call us on +44 (0) 754 557 5277. We’ll be delighted to answer any questions about the chalet or Chamonix.

Do you have reviews from previous guests?

See our reviews section for our write-ups from happy holidaymakers…

Is there a website with plenty of photos and information?

Hopefully you have already seen this! This site currently has about 100 pages. We also have a blog on this site, which has the latest news and any articles I think are interesting.

What about social media?

You can look at years of photos of our chalet and Chamonix on Flickr (since 2006) and follow @chaletlaforet on Twitter (since 2008) or @chaletlaforetchamonix on Instagram (since 2013).

Has this domain been registered for over a year?

We have owned the domain chaletlaforet.com since April 2006. You can check this information on any WHOIS search service.

Do you list on large, well known paying sites?

We are independently inspected and listed by Sawdays guides and Mad Dog Ski guides, both of whom send an inspector personally to every property.

“…cosy and welcoming, with wonderful attention to detail – a truly magical alpine retreat. This beautifully situated chalet…really feels like a ‘home away from home’.” Chalet la Forêt on Mad Dog Ski

“Be delighted by cow hide rugs and cushioned sofas, DVDs, music, board games and books, vintage posters and fluffy white towels. Be cosseted by a barrel-cabin sauna and a hot tub under the stars. It’s friendly and fabulous”…Chalet la Forêt appears in the Sawday’s guide and website. Read what Alastair Sawday’s writes about Chalet la Forêt here »

Do you accept Credit Cards?

You can pay via credit card with Paypal. Unfortunately the fees are high, but we split them with you so there is a 2% surcharge for this. We are looking into better facilities.

Are there other ways that I can pay?

You can post us a cheque, or bank transfer into either our bank in the UK or Chamonix. We can accept Euros or Sterling. You are very welcome to call our bank in France (Banque de Savoie, Chamonix Branch, someone who speaks English is usually available ) to confirm our names and that we own the chalet, before making the payment. Unfortunately our UK bank doesn’t offer this, but I can point you to our listing at Companies House instead to confirm our names and address- just ask, it is no problem at all.

Can I see the location of the chalet?

Yes, this map shows our location with useful local points of interest, restaurants, facilities etc marked.  Or you can see us on Google maps here.

What else are you doing?

We’re in the process of registering with the Tourist office and will add this information as soon as it’s processed. We are investigating better credit card facilities. We are working with the Metropolitan police and other bodies on the establishment of a kitemark for holiday homes.

If you have more suggestions, or a specific question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I completely understand that people have concerns and will be very happy to help.

New addition for July 2015 - Daphne the Italian Spinone puppy in her bike trailer.
New addition for July 2015 – Daphne the Italian Spinone puppy in her bike trailer.