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Pre-release booking

Hi! Thanks for thinking about us again 🙂 These dates will be made publicly available on Monday. I’m happy to option dates for a bit, just let me know.

We’ve given weekly and four night prices where available for ease of estimating.  

Due to existing commitments we have one week left in July and one in August, and two in June. May and September have good availability.
If you want a different number of nights just let us know! We actively prefer the less usual numbers of nights 🙂
Please note that we cannot offer Saturday changeovers.
Hoping to see you again at La Petite Foret 🙂

For all general information, dogs, family equipment etc, please see the main booking page.
For any questions or to book, please contact us.

1st May – 3rd June:
€1000 for 4 nights (minimum) extra nights €200
€1600 for 7 nights

June 13th – 29th:
€1200 for 4 nights (minimum) extra nights €240
€1900 for 7 nights

30th June -7th July and 18th-25th August
€2300 for 7 nights. 

1-30th September

€1200 for 4 nights (minimum) extra nights €240
€1900 for 7 nights