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Arrival / Guest Notes

Welcome Notes – La Petite Foret

Here’s essential information about the house. Where to take rubbish, how to light the fire, all that sort of thing.
Restaurant and activity information is all in the leather folder (as is most of this information)

The absolute essentials

⭐ Toilet paper only in the toilet (no cotton wool, wet wipes etc) or the chalet will become instantly unusable.
⭐ Wifi is open.
⭐ Turn off kitchen extractor whist lighting the fire.
⭐ Bins are under counter, glass goes in box on balcony, rubbish disposal and recycling details below.

Bins & recycling

There are two bins in the drawer next to the dishwasher, one for rubbish and one for all recycling except glass. There’s a wooden box for glass by the door outside.

Recycling is very straightforward in Chamonix. You take all your rubbish to the many communal bins – called “moloks”.
• Rubbish (“Dechets”, black bag picture)
• Recyclables (yellow)
• Glass (green)

The nearest is 200m away – turn right out of the house, and right again at the low bridge. There are very many – marked with recycling symbols on this map which you’ll find in the leather folder.
Don’t leave rubbish bags out at night by the way – the foxes will scatter the contents everywhere!
Map of the location


Most important that everyone knows this! Never put any paper or fabric product in the toilet apart from toilet paper. No cotton wool, face wipes, sanitary products, earbuds, anything. Loo roll only!

Even if it claims to be fully biodegradable, safe for septic tanks etc.

It will block immediately, the chalet will become instantly unusable and there will be an expensive technician’s visit.

Lighting the fire

Don’t start to light the stove when the extractor fan is on. It will pull smoke into the room.
Once the stove is lit, it’s fine! Just remember: light the stove before putting on the extractor.

1. Vents  should be open. If not, slide to open with iron stove tool in drawer
2. Add firelighters, then kindling and some small logs
3. Pull venting handle below stove’s glass door for more air when lighting.
4. Push venting handle back when well lit (or it will pull hot air out of chalet)

Once it is lit, a few small logs as needed are enough. It is very efficient and does not need to be big or ‘roaring’ – this is dangerous and also pulls hot air out of the chalet. Enjoy!


Wifi “La Petite Foret” network is open, no password.

Router is in box under TV. Reset button is on back of it – try this first in case of any problems.

Tv – is all via Apple TV. Remotes are in wooden box. Instructions in leather folder.

Bluetooth speaker is on shelf above TV. Press bluetooth button to pair with your device.


Appliance instructions are all in leather folder.
Bin liners and dishwasher tablets under sink
Please note. Our pans are heavy!
Bottle opener is on side of central pillar facing oven
Fondue set and teapot in cupboard above fridge


Please do take care with the blinds. When you open them, don’t roll them around and around or they will be too long when you close them. In winter, close them at night to keep the warmth in.

Fire safety

Fire extinguishers, fire blanket and first aid kit at top of tall cupboard in living room. Should you hear a quiet beep, the smoke alarm may need a new battery – please let us know.

The house is made of wood! We have provided candles and holders – please use these and not any others. Please don’t leave candles unsupervised.

The chalet is non-smoking, but you are welcome to smoke outside and on the balcony – please use the ashtrays provided.

Fuse boxes are in cupboard in bedroom downstairs. Also vacuum, ironing board etc.

If there are any bulbs or other items needing replacing, or something isn’t functioning quite as it should, please let us know!

Garden & furniture

I’m sure all this will seem second-nature to you but I just wanted to run through a few things about the garden.

Please give the barbecue a quick scrub after each use to knock off remaining foodstuffs. If they are left all week they become impossible to remove. Bbq is coal only, so you need to get coal if you want to use it. Don’t use the firewood! The flames are too big. We have already had to replace one bbq!

Garden – The garden has plenty of room for all of us – we are just waiting for the sails to arrive to screen the hot tub, until then we won’t use the main part of the garden when the tub is in use.

I know this may seem obvious but as our garden is quite natural and forested, kids sometimes don’t distinguish between the forest and the garden. Please make sure kids understand not to damage plants and trees in the garden or on the banks! The forest all around is yours for making dens etc 🙂

The two big rocks are equipped for a slackline. Alas due to insurance reasons we can’t provide one but they are widely available and not expensive.

Copper swings are for gentle relaxing, not for playing.

Please make it clear to kids not to climb on the railway embankment under any circumstances. It is a live rail.

Useful links about Chamonix, weather, shopping etc is here and restaurant and activity information is all in the leather folder (as is most of this information)

Have a wonderful stay and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!