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Do you accept dogs? (La Petite Foret)

We welcome dogs at La Petite Foret by arrangement only. We love dogs and love to have them as guests. However, though Chamonix is a great place for dogs, the chalet is not particularly suitable. The garden is not enclosed and there are plenty of dangers for dogs in the area  – a fast flowing river,  a railway, roads, and wild animal trails. La Petite Foret is furnished to a high standard, please only bring dogs that are well behaved and completely reliable in the house.

You will find lots of useful information in our blog posts Chamonix for Dogs in Summer and Chamonix for Dogs in Winter.

Daphne, our Italian Spinone, loves her life in the mountains
Romping in the chalet garden

The full rules, and reasoning!

• No puppies (under 1 year).

• The dog must never be left alone in the chalet.

• No dogs on the furniture.

• They must be recently treated for fleas and ticks
Ticks are very very prevalent here as we have deer coming into the garden regularly, and a recent treatment is absolutely vital.

• Does it shed? And if so, how much?
Occasional stray hairs are of course fine but extra cleaning due to dog hair being everywhere will be charged for. If your dog is a heavy shedder there is a Dyson cordless in the chalet to help keep on top of things.

• Dogs must be supervised in the garden
The garden is not enclosed and unsupervised dogs are not secure. Please supervise your dogs or keep them on a lead in the garden.

• Dogs must be taken on to the lane to do their business 
Please pick up along the lane (and of course should your dog go in the garden). A bin is provided outside the chalet.

• Please let us know if your dog is reactive to other dogs
We have two dogs – Daphne the Italian Spinone and Alissa, a spaniel mix rescue. They are friendly girls and enjoy dog guests!  They may encounter each other so please let us know if this may be an issue, so that we can work around it. It is not a problem: just good to know in advance.

Additional winter-specific rules

• Dogs must not be upset by loud bangs

In winter, it’s normal for avalanche blasting to happen most mornings and sometimes throughout the day and evening. This can be traumatic for a dog that isn’t used to it. If your dog is scared by fireworks or gunshots, they will find it very frightening and should not visit in winter.

• Dogs must not be allowed to run around in the garden in winter. They must be on the lead at all times when near the chalet.
This is not as bad as it sounds, and we stick to this ourselves. We are in the middle of lovely woods, and you only have to walk out of the driveway to begin miles of wonderful dog walks where they can run and play.  But since we have families staying, we cannot have dog mess of any kind in the snow of the garden, where children play. It’s very off-putting for a family to arrive to a garden that’s clearly been used by dogs.

If the dog runs in the garden (and the tracks make it very clear!) I have to go over all the tracked area checking for pee and poop, which is a long process. It only takes a few seconds for a dog to pee, but it takes a good half hour to dig out of snow, it spreads unbelievably. This time will be charged for from the deposit.

Let’s keep this snow white – not yellow!!!!

I hope this all makes sense!

Though the place isn’t really suitable, I would like to accommodate dog owners wherever possible, as I always appreciate finding dog-friendly accomodation myself. Thank you for your understanding.

Chamonix is very dog-friendly and you can take them pretty much anywhere except food shops. Read my blog post about Chamonix for dogs in summer here.

Romping at La Charme

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